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… in every fucking way
There’s something about Napa Valley wines…

I’ve been a digital nomad for the past two months. Pretty sure my mother is sending prayers in all directions because her first born seems to be on a wayward path. No husband, no children and now, no job.

It’s a journey alright.

I feel like something is about to break through in my life. Something wants to manifest itself. I’m just not sure what that something is. What I do know is that I needed to make space for it to happen. That meant clearing the clutter from everywhere else including my former work life.

It was a bit nerve-racking to turn in my resignation letter. This is the first time in my entire existence that I’ve made a move like this with no plan in place for afterward. Then again, I’m at the point in my life where peace of mind trumps a paycheck and that’s how I feel – at peace.

I have no clue what’s on the horizon but I’m excited to experience what happens.

Whatever happens, I need to build some sort of routine for myself with waking up and exercising and giving myself the best chance to carpe diem.

Carpe-fucking-diem. That’s what I’ve been doing lately – seizing every day.

I spent the last seven weeks on a mini-trek across the continental United States beginning in California at my girl’s new place in Sacramento. We meandered through Napa Valley for wine tastings and a movie. Our musings then ferried us to San Francisco where we caught a world naked day shit show, experienced Little Bow Peep and her emo-esque boyfriend in tow and I finally got a chance to ride on a trolley.

Cali was a breath of fresh air. I’d consider moving just for the damned fruit trees. The temperate climate is also a plus although I’m still not sold on earthquakes and forest fires. That two-day head start on a hurricane is a plus for me, but I digress.

After three weeks, I bid farewell to the west coast and headed south to the lone star state. Can I say this: Texas heat had me gasping for breath every time I stepped outdoors. That right there is another kinda heat. I don’t understand the landlocked life. Sheesh. I spent time exploring the many parts of Houston and San Antonio. Today, I’m taking a drive to Austin. It should be fun since I’ve never been there before.

But that’s what this trip is for me. A chance to hang with women I’ve known for years and catch up on life and how it’s treated us. Don’t worry, each trip will get its own piece. I’ve just been caught up in living in each and every beautiful moment that I’ve now just had the chance to turn my attention to this blog space that I’ve shamefully neglected.

This newfound freedom has been a revelation. It’s scary and bursting with possibilities all at once. Shit, I even have a date tomorrow. Strange things are happening. I haven’t been on a date since 2014.

Everything feels different. The uncertainty is jarring at times but I’m holding on for this ride and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Song: Beautiful
Artist: Mary J Blige
Album: How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Release Date: 1998

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  1. “I have no clue what’s on the horizon but I’m excited to experience what happens.” Incredible space of possibility unfolding around you! Courage is carrying you into a new season! Come on new horizons!

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Right Here, Right Now

Right Here, Right Now

…I gotta keep reminding myself this is where I need to fucking reside

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