I Wanna Be Rich

… cuz being a broke bitch just ain’t it!

Listen, I get the whole speak abundance into my life and it will happen spiel, but this chick is feeling this ‘transition’ period super heavy this month. I love Dave Ramsey like the next fiscally mindful Christian but hon-naaaaayyyyyyyy! I’mma need a loan, a credit card and a wand from Ollivanders STAT!

Can we just fast forward to the part where this blog has miraculously blown all the way up and I’m rubbing elbows with the likes of Rhianna & Co? Please and thanks.

My friends say I need therapy but that shit costs money.

I miss facials.

I miss chiropractor visits.

I wanna splurge on a bottle of wine, or 4.

I think I wanna try therapy but that shit costs money.

I miss eating out.

I don’t wanna have to sacrifice fixing my car because grocery and gas prices are kicking my ass.

I don’t wanna spend 29 days working 3 gigs only to have all the cash disappear off my account in less than 5 hours.

I don’t wanna have to not travel because the money just isn’t there. Or worse, have to choose the friends I can and cannot visit because my wallet is not as fat as my ass…

Did I mention therapy is actually a fucking desire right now?

It’s a vicious cycle. Stalling till the end of the month to pay bills and make ends meet only to repeat the cycle. And JUST when you think you have a handle on things a new bill finds you out of NOWHERE!


I wanna be wealthy. And not just financially wealthy, but physically wealthy. Emotionally wealthy, spiritually wealthy. I want movement and flexibility to be a norm and not a desire. I want to be fully dressed with a smile daily instead of a frown. I want to be filled with that trifecta of love, peace and happiness that this song exudes, not only in its core lament but in its beat and rhythm. I’m just tired of waiting for it. Waiting to receive what I’m asking for.

I want what I want, and I want it now. Fuck the process!

Ok, end of rant. Let me get back to figuring out how to make $75 carry me to the 20th.

Song: I Wanna Be Rich
Artist: Calloway
Album: All the Way
Released: 1989

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