The Breaks

Stirring the proverbial pot

I have this thing with emails. I send one and all hell breaks loose, usually at the workplace.

I try to choose my words carefully before I put them down on paper. The one thing I have always been adamant about is fully committing – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – to what I put down. It is, after all, a representation of me.

I wasn’t one to pray over them before hitting send, but now I do.

I sent an email on Monday. It was concise, yet thorough and it said what had to be said, to the right people…

It totally fucked up my company’s serene vibe, but it had to be done. No one else gets to craft my story. That’s for me to work out with Jesus. If I get the inkling that that’s your modus operandi? I will pause my life game of connect four and pull out a chessboard on your ass and I have no qualms about obliterating your psyche in the process. Again, something for me to work out with Jesus.

And it’s not like I don’t tell people that I am not the one but here we are. April has been a month of revelations for me – workwise at least – and I will do my best to unpack it all over the next few Saturdays. For now, I’m embracing my rap roots and rocking out to this funky vibe through the weekend.

More to come.

Song: The Breaks
Artist: Kurtis Blow
Album: Kurtis Blow
Release Date: 1980

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